Friday, 15 November 2013

New profile and account with 'We Are Pop Up'

I just created a new profile for 'We Are Pop Up' in the hopes of having one soon! There's a new space in Camden which would be great to join.

It's really difficult selecting photos for a pop up, as all I've really done before are markets and fairs. But here are a few:

Vintage buttons zip bracelets. (Jennie McLetchie)

Vintage 50's pin up badges.

'Corset' embroideries (original from 'Stitched Up' series of artworks.

Applique wall art hoops.

Nicole modelling a selection of USA vintage fashion. Shoot held in Oak Meadow, Saratoga, California August 2013.

A detail from my pitch at 'A Glamorous Affair' vintage and handmade fair held at The Library pub in islington.

Deer and Roses transfer on vintage fabric cushion.

Range of Valentine cards designed and printed by me.

Most recent series of 'Found & Bound' mini books, using a found object, found quote and junk materials.

It would be really lovely to get something more permanent set up, so people can know to find me at a certain place every day. I could 'go out to' work more when others do, and not just at weekends. It would also alleviate a certain amount of hoiking stuff around, setting up and packing up!
Wish me luck. x

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