Monday, 30 April 2012

Craft Blog UK

It's great getting this blog in my inbox each day, as it really offers concise and useful advice and encouragement. "Craft Blog UK is devoted to celebrating the hard work of the UK's best craft bloggers with regular features highlighting talented crafters and lots helpful articles for bloggers to make their handmade blogs a success. I hope you enjoy finding a few new crafty blogs and some great tips and craft tutorials too!"

Craft Blog UK!

It is connected to a directory/network called UK Handmade, which is very interactive and user friendly,  and hopefully, will soon be sporting a shop facility, too. Watch out Etsy! This is my page, which I just started recently. You can find friends here and get inspiration from other makers. It's also proving useful for sourcing new talent for my Dandy Lion Market.
My most recent find is Stone Beauty, a natural bath and beauty products maker in London, which is brilliant, as I really needed a beauty products maker for my next market, and so she filled the spot beautifully!