Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Institute of Kentish Town archiving and art event Dec 14-18 2010

I participated in an archiving/art event in Queen's Cresent last night. Most of my 5 years of found objects, hitherto stored in a large sweet jar, are beautifully displayed, a la Tony Cragg, on the gallery walls. I brought along some of my junk and other arty books and gave a little talk. Claire, Sophie and Jo, the curators, did a marvelous job. They also put up huge interactive mapping exercises to mark your comments, stories and drawings of your fav place in Kentish Town. There is also lovely works by resident artists Nic Harper, Jocelyn Allen, Milka Panayotova and Rodrigue Dakouri. Tonight they will host a special quiz night. More to follow in the week, with a closing party on Saturday night. Join in if you're around!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

New Xmas cards

Thought I'd put up my new cards for Xmas this year. I just used materials I had in a drawer. I had already made some new mail art cards using the sewing machine, so I just carried on in that form for my cards. I think their kinda sweet. Quite different to what I normally produce.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010


My sketchbook has been included in this exhibition in Lincoln.


Visitors to the Usher Gallery in Lincoln will be able to select, take off the shelf and browse through over 200 sketchbooks on loan from contemporary artists, architects, designers and makers. These sketchbooks are included in the Library zone of ‘The Moment of Privacy Has Passed’ an innovative and engaging exhibition of sketchbooks curated by John Plowman. The exhibition focuses on the ways in which we can engage with the sketchbook in a gallery context.

Divided into four zones the exhibition incorporates the conventional modes of display of the Cabinet and Wall, the cutting edge of the Digital and the innovative Library. Each of these zones will offer visitors to the exhibition a different experience of engagement with the sketchbook. The sketchbook can be viewed as private and personal, a creative space in which thoughts and ideas are noted in a variety of ways by, amongst others, artists, architects, designers. Making these private and selfreferential sketchbooks visible within a gallery context will offer up new insights and perspectives on this hitherto invisible aspect of the creative process.

The Cabinet, Wall and digital zones will feature sketchbooks from contemporary artists including Grayson Perry and Simon Faithfull as well as historic sketchbooks from the Usher Gallery’s collections.

Sketchbooks by Contemporary Artists, Architects and Designers  
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln
11 December 2010 – 06 March 2011
Private View Friday 10 December 2010 6 – 8 pm