Friday, 29 June 2012

Getting ready for the joint Torriano Summer Festival Fair

Preparations are very focused now for the Team organising my son and his infant schools' joint Summer Fair. Also titled 'Festival' (interesting, eh?), there will be lots of fun games and activities, food and drink. I have offered to help on the craft stall, my fav one to do, and thought I'd share my progress with you.

A teacher is making a big tree and they wanted the children to decorate birds to put on it, so I found a selection of bird silhouettes on the web, treated them on photo shop and voila!  instant outlines of birds for cutting out. Printed on lots of different colours of paper, I think they look rather nice. They have holes punch so strings can be tied and then used to hang them in the tree. Next step is trying to find/dig out  my school craft embellishments so I can make a few samples, which I will bring along, too. And then next Saturday spend a mad couple hours helping a couple hundred kids make their hand decorated birds to show off and take home!

Watch this space for the sample embellished ones. Must go now and get ready for our little trip up north to catch The Stone Roses at Heaton Park!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Just My Cup of Tea

I had a rather splendid afternoon with my friend, Valencia at the Just My Cup of Tea event yesterday at the fab Brick House in Brixton. I dressed up extra special (don't get too many girly days out), tottered my way over the cobblestone road through the Sunday throngs of Brick Lane day trippers, and arrived to find an amazing array of beautifully dressed women (and a few men!) of all ages waiting to get in. Joyfully greeted, we received our fashion swap number and were directed to one of 4 areas where we could relax, chat and drink tea. We drank amazing hot and cold tea concoctions and had our fortune read from the bottom of one of many gorgeous mix & match vintage tea cups and saucers.
All the guests' vintage garment offerings were beautifully arranged on rails, with shoes, hats, bags, scarves and jewelry laid out on tables on the mezzanine floor. We eagerly awaited our turn for a rummage, and when it came, I found a cute little shimmery turquoise 80's cocktail dress. Everyone got a goody bag, as well! We watched live presentations with tips on how to enhance those old regulars in our closet. The day was backed with DJ funky and classic grooves.
The garden beckoned, so we went and had a photobooth pic made, drank more tea (cocktails this time!) and had more cake. The event was well organised and beautifully styled (loved the flowers!) and the hosts and bar folks were ever so friendly and keen to please. The cakes were exquisite. I ate far too many!
Lovely day had by all and can't wait for the next one! Here's the rest of the pics.