Friday, 11 May 2012

New Multi-Ribbon Applique Cushions listed on Etsy

Having been prompted to share new listings on the new Etsy shop group over at UK Handmade, I was spurred to share it here on my own blog. I listed these ribbon applique cushions in my © leslieworks etsy shop, and these are their darker sisters!

I bought a bundle of off cuts of ribbon on ebay, and immediately after opening the packet, I started lining up various strips, selecting certain colours and arranging them in lines. A cushion cover was born. I set about ordering some more bundles and proceeded to do 2 colourways sets, as you can see here! I used an old soft pink and white pillow case purchased from a charity shop to back the pink tone ones and the left overs of some new black dotty cotton I bought to make curtains for our campervan. So everything is basically constructed from throwaway materials, other than the zips!