Thursday, 27 December 2012

Starting off the New Year with the January edition of the Dandy Lion Market

Wow! I never realised it would be so tricky to get traders, and indeed visitors to RSVP at the Jan edition, happening on the 5th, in 1 & 1/2 week's time. Everyone is away. Fortunately, I do have some, (though a few more wouldn't go amiss!) and I can easily fill out a few spaces muyself! Looking forward to confirming a new trader called Templarcraft, with her wonderful Goth and Steampunk handmades. Very fitting with the Steampunk Cruise coming up in March.

So, let's ease into 2013 with style. After a very busy and exciting 2012, the January Dandy will be offering a warm and cosy haven from the hullabaloo, with it's usual fine array of art, craft and vintage. Join us in the parlour for a post-New Year's recovery session of hot drinks, food and fabulous wares.