Sunday, 16 October 2011

Markets and Fairs Gone and Coming Up - A Bit of a Story

It's mid-October and I've ended up taking a short break, for a couple of weeks, from markets and fairs. Goodness knows I've got enough happening over the weeks to come. I dabbled with the idea of doing one of those big traveling vintage fairs on the 15th, but got scared off by the high rates for tables, plus the huge quantity of the sellers packed into a huge hall. Do people really sell enough stuff at those to warrant the £65 table fee?
It's not that long ago I started on this market and fair lark, tho sometimes it feels like an age. Artists books got me going in the first place. After visiting the London Artists Book Fair in 2005, at the ICA, I determined I would be at the next one, and I was. VERY expensive, tho I didn't know any better at the time. So I launched myself as an artist into the public realm at the LAB 06. I loved it, and realised there was not only a seriously creative person in me, but also a serious trader.
So in a couple weeks time I'll be doing markets every weekend bar one till Mid December, starting with my favourite vintage market the last Saturday of this month, Can't Buy Me Love. Jet Payne, who runs it is so sweet and all the sellers are lovely. Can't Buy Me Love celebrated it's 1st Birthday back in June, and I've done most all of them.

The pic above is from the very first one, which my partner Aidan hosted for me, as I had something else on that day. It's a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and if it gets quiet, we just try each other's stuff on and shoot the shit.

 We loved the Halloween themed market (above) last year. Any excuse to dress up a bit and act silly. Aidan loves donning a wig any chance he can get, and with those blue tinted round glasses...does he remind you of anyone?

On Nov 5-6th, I've got Art Junky, my absolutely fav fair, which got me started on this boutique concept of combining handmades with my vintage. My first one (above) was in Feb 2009 and I've done every one since. I made that huge drape from dozens of vintage scarves for an art market in Brixton, and found it slightly challenging getting it up on that small area of wall for Art Junky. It's about 10 metres long! Sometimes I ponder on it and wish I could think of something to make it into, so it doesn't languish in a bag. Art Junky's got a great vibe, it's in a cool town (Brighton), at a cool venue (Phoenix Gallery) and there's so many wonderful artists, makers, good food and music there. It's a real honour to be amongst them. I also always love to stop for Mexican food after.

The following weekend is my very own baby the Dandy Lion Market, on the 12th Nov. It will be six months old and I'm giving it a 'Spicy' theme in honour of autumn, cinnamon, chilli, pumpkins and squashes, nuts and seeds (which all kind of nod to my native land's Thanksgiving day). I'm really looking forward to seeing what French Made whips up specially for it.

Last month she made some glorious treats (above). So far, there are around 17 different stalls. I will be uploading their albums soon, so check into the facebook page to see who and what will be coming along. Starting with next month, I've got a few more stalls indoors for a while now, as not as many sellers are as prepared to deal with the elements in the courtyard and stables. Isn't this a country of market towns where stallholders trade at open outdoor markets on a weekly basis?

Well, that's enough rambling for now. I have more of this story to tell, but wish to go and watch the rest of the Witches of Eastwick on telly! See ya later! x