Saturday, 26 March 2011

New Rock & Roll Boy Girl Hoops and a great day at Can't Buy Me Love market

Just had a brilliant day at the Can't Buy Me Love market today. It was featured in Time Out and, for me, that proved to have a very positive effect. I sold 3 of my hoops, 2 of which were brand new! I've now listed my other 2 on etsy. The woman who bought my 3 hoops has a shop and if you read this, I didn't get your name, or the name of your shop, and sure wish I did! So, please let me know how my items went and how your shop is going! Seems like a few people are now doing what I started doing 2 years ago, which is selling crafts with vintage. My shop will too come, and soon! Here's some pics of my new Rock & Roll Boy and Girl hoops. Below are the ones bought today. I will be making more as I have a few fairs coming up.

These are the contrasting ones, which I have listed on etsy

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