Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Crazy Weekend

Whew! Just about recovered from doing 2 different markets at the weekend. Challenging, but fun. Had 2 great days and have some nice photos to share!

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These are from the Saturday at Art Junky. This market is responsible for inspiring me to start collecting vintage and to sell it alongside my art and crafts. The original art, handmade and vintage market, and still the best (in my opinion).
Below are some shots of there ever funky original rock and roll jumble, going 6 years now. It offers a great range of stalls, from peeps clearing out their clutter, to serious trades of vintage collectibles. You'll find a smattering of original and handmade items, too. Hot comfort food, cakes table and a cosy oldie- worldie pub next door compliment this escape into a world of youthful nostalgia.

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