Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Dandy Lion Market Special March Edition 'Ladyfolk'

The Boogaloo, 312 Archway Rd N65AT 12:30-5:30 pm FREE

In recognition of International Women's Day & Mother's Day this month's Dandy is dedicated to women, girls, and mothers. We are partnering with Oxfam to celebrate International Women's Day and help raise money to support women living in poverty around the world, through raising awareness, through sellers contributing a percentage of takings, and with visitors being able to contribute, too. Look for the Oxfam Balloons and bunting outside!
The Dandy Lion Market is an affordable platform for creative people: all kinds of artists, makers, upcyclers and vintage traders. It is also an affordable market for visitors, too! 90% of sellers are women. The economic climate as it is with fewer jobs, low wages, disappearing childcare, and high priced education has forced many women to turn to their creative talents to make things to sell. While creating provides fulfillment, enjoyment and a small income (hopefully), going to markets to sell our wares also provides inspiration for ourselves and others, a place to share ideas, an appreciative audience who give us feedback on our work and a social hub to meet and make new friends.
The Dandy Lion Market is a regular monthly grassroots event, connected to the local community, while also bringing together many different people from across London, to create a vibrant, creative and friendly space, with something for everyone. The market page is updated constantly and each seller gets a 5 pic feature at the top of the page, with links to their websites. 500+ fans of the page can keep up with sellers wares in the build up to the market day, get updates, interact and make comments, and connect to the wider creative community. The market is a complete event with music, quality food, a full bar and outdoor spaces. Additional features can include workshops, henna or face painting, Holistic remedial sessions, portrait sittings and others. Please see the market page for up-to-date info. 

'Ladyfolk', the March edition of the Dandy Lion Market is celebrating womanhood across the spectrum: from Gaia to glam, from delicate to dark, frivolous or practical, girly delights and trinkets to vintage homewares, folk and spiritual art, alternative and upcycled fashion, accessories and jewelry, healthy body products, colourful, cool, kitsch or crazy, nurturing or empowering; you will find a gift for mum (yes! don't forget Mum's Day is only the next weekend), your best girl or a treat for yourself, something for your feminine and feminist side!

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