Sunday, 8 May 2011

A New Concept in Craft Fairs

No sooner have I finished one project when a new one dangles itself before my eyes. An opportunity to organise a craft fair under the banner of a monthly market I've been doing for nearly a year now, Can't Buy Me Love. Jet was asked by the manager of the Boogaloo, the main venue for her market, if she wanted to cover all the Saturday market spots, so she asked me if I wanted to do a craft market. Of course I do! I've been going on about how there aren't enough craft fairs in London, and there is definitely a shortage of unusual ones, for which I hope to fill a small gap.

Aidan presented the name Dandelion after a cool market he used to go to in his punk days in Dublin. It  started in 1970 and finished in 1979. I liked the name immediately, but twisted the spelling, creating a double meaning, initially something wild and natural, but also suggesting a place with a quirky flair and boldness. I find myself wanting to re-create something along similar lines, too. There is a bit of punk, goth, mod, rocker, grunger, etc in me and most of the craft fairs I see don't touch on any of those styles. I want to appeal more to men, who seem to have been ignored, left out of the loop at all the retro, nostalgic affairs that are great, but, come on, what's in it it for them (other than the gorgeous, sexy young women preening about in naughty 40's maids outfits and such? I also want to get more young people appreciating the efforts of handmade, a bit of literature, some healthy food. So, let's see what happens. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Anyone have any good ideas, suggestions, or proposals throw them my way!

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