Monday, 29 March 2010

100 Journals Project, Alturnative, Kent

I came across this call out very late in the day, but managed to send a submission along. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to the event. I gather it was a tricky compilation to put together with Journals spread far and wide over the country. As some people didn't even get their designated journal, loose works were requested, that could be inserted into the journals on site. I'm glad to finally see some photos of the event, which you can see here

My submissions came from a concept I'd had on the back burner for some time. I've always been aghast at the super skinny model phenomenon (though I was a great fan of Twiggy in her time). I think it's gotten worse since then. I liked to compare them to stick insects, and thought it might be interesting to depict them as such. I noticed the latin name for the bugs was phantasmagoria, and when digging deeper into the meanings found I could conjure up a kind of poetic, but disturbing portrayal, through words and images, of the cult of fashion and skinniness. The following are the pieces I sent:

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